Otanjoubi Omedetou,Masuda Takahisa!

4 Jul

It’s my love’s birthday!

Masuda Takahisa,member of News and Tegomass,my favorite (my huby) JE artist celebrates his birthday today!…Well,he just turned 25 years old and it’s kinda cute considering the fact that he looks younger than 18.

He’s getting old ne..(but who doesn’t?!)

When I was in 2nd year high school,I think he’s just 20 or 21.How fast time passes.And I’m gonna be 18 soon and I will catch up to him! XD

The whole day in school I was wondering what’s he doing right now.I bet he’s eating lots of gyozas with his friends and his co-NewS members (especially TegoSHE,his girlfriend)..hahaha…Then later,tonight,he’ll be having fun with his family.

Sigh…I wish I am there with him to celebrate his day.Any fangirl would like that.But it’ll take years before I can get to Japan so I need to be patient.


Here’s a few pictures of him.

I have too many pictures of this sexy guy but too bad I’m too lazy to post them all here.

Again,happy 25th birthday my dearest ButaCute!!!

You’ll always be my cute,sexy,hot and cool huby!

I’ll support you forever!

More birthdays to come,my huby!!



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