Morimoto Ryutaro–Caught Smoking

28 Jun

Morimoto Ryutaro,age of 16,a Hey!Say!Jump (a popular Johnnys boy band) member was caught smoking and pictures were released on the internet and in a magazine particularly named as “Shuukan Josei”.

Two pictures were shown in the magazine in where he was 14yrs old and 15yrs old of age respectively.

Looking at the larger picture,it was pretty obvious that Ryuu was aware of being taken a photo since he was directly looking at the camera and showed his pose hitting on a cigar.On the smaller pic on the bottom left side,it’s like a stolen pic and he was caught off guard.

It was reported that Ryuu has been puffing cigarettes for quite sometime (so it means he has repeatedly did it for a long time).When people warn him about smoking he would just say “It’s fine, don’t worry”.

This news has been circulating throughout the internet world for only a few hours (or perhaps a day) and Johnny’s Jimusho immediately released a statement with regards to the issue.Ryuu admitted that he has been doing this for a long time and it was just the urge of curiosity.Even though he’s sorry,they won’t just let this go easy since underage smoking is prohibited in the agency.Ryuu will cease all of his planned activities and will be suspended from the group for an indefinite time.


I’ve been a fan of HSJ for several years and this issue is such a great shock to me.

It was just this Monday (June 27,2011) when I saw the news about Morimoto Ryutaro of Hey!Say!Jump was caught smoking in Facebook and all other social networking sites.

As a fan,normally I was surprised since Ryuu is too young and is a member of popular boy band who’s image is important.I was eyeing on a particular post on Facebook and waited for comments which I intended to read.Then there was this comment which saved me from crying.It says, “I THINK HE WAS JUST DOING IT TO PRACTICE OR TO PREPARE FOR HIS DRAMA IN WHICH HE WILL PLAY AS A YANKEE!”…Yeah,great.I was relieved.Most of the yankees in Jdoramas smoke,right?Hahaha…”This was just a bluff.A picture of our cute and innocent Ryuu.”,I thought.

Tuesday (the next morning) as usual I was busy for school and I didn’t let that ‘Smoking’ issue bother me.When I home,I went straight to my room and was reading a couple of books.It was nearly 10 in the evening when I decided to check on my Facebook….and VOILA!…Guess what I found.An article where the issue about Ryuu was already confirmed to be true.

“So it is true.”,I thought.

All these things seem to be impossible for me.And to top it all Johnny gave him an indefinite suspension,meaning it won’t be certain if Ryuu will be able to get back in performing or he will just be suspended for a few months and he will be demoted back as a trainee.

And today,Wednesday,is a big event for Jump—-the release of their newest single ‘OVER’.This is a really bad timing for Jump.There’s this rumor too that the release will be pushed back because of the reason that they had to change the covers of the CDs and to remove Ryuu from it.

We all know that Johnny’s Entertainment is an agency known for manufacturing famous Jpop boy bands (Arashi,Kat-tun,NewS,V6,Smap,Hey!Say!Jump and many more) and is very strict and particular with its rules (rules like ‘no girlfriends’,’no underage drinking’ and ‘no underage smoking).What the Jimusho believes (I suppose) is that IDOLS should be the perfect models for the others.They implement certain punishments to those who violate the rules even if it means of the talent losing his popularity.

Johnny’s has a history of suspensions.Let’s take Uchi Hiroki and Kusano Hironori (NewS) who were caught drinking at such an early age.By the way,the legal age is 21 years old.Both of them were demoted from NewS and went back to being trainees.Uchi,up to now,is still active in the entertainment industry while Kusano has been living a private life now.

Following Uchi and Kusano as examples,we can predict that Ryuu might be suspended permanently from the group,or maybe he’ll just have a long hiatus and eventually he’s back in the group or maybe he will just be going back to where he started-a trainee.I say this is right.RULES ARE RULES but on the other side,it just breaks my heart into pieces.I don’t want to see Ryuu go.

Right now what’s in store for Ryutaro is uncertain.But I’m praying for a good outcome and I hope he will be able to get back to where he truly belongs-Hey!Say!Jump.

Everyone,let’s pray for Ryuu.There are lots of online petitions on the internet and I suggest you guys to sign up.Even though some of them are unofficial,at least we’ve cried our hearts out loud and in this little way we can show Ryuu how much his fans support him.

I will miss his smile 😦

Ryutaro Morimoto - 3rd from the left


2 Responses to “Morimoto Ryutaro–Caught Smoking”

  1. Charles July 1, 2011 at 10:15p07 #

    I’m really very disappointed with this if indeed its true. However I cant stop worrying about Ryu because he’s still part of the Hey! Say! Family whom I very much appreciate. I wish the best for him and I hope my Chi wont do such a thing. Good Luck to HSJ!

    • momoai July 2, 2011 at 10:15p07 #

      yes you’re right..let’s take what others say that ryuu is not that important in the group since he’s not one of the main faces and vocals but jump is 10 and it would be a very sad thing to see him leave the group.i hope he gets back to his career in the near future.let’s pray for that.thnks 4 dropping by. 🙂

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