My 2nd Year in College (A Great Start!)

25 Jun

Classes just started last June 06,2011.Now I’m in 2nd year college already and still taking up AB Political Science…Yeah,I’m loving my course!

The feeling’s different when you’re an upperclassman already.Seeing several freshies in a classroom and at the hallways is always making me proud that I survived the 1st yr.But being a sophomore also means a complicated college life (I’m talking about the lessons and subjects).Our major,Political Science 50,is a major and big challenge for any political science student!It’s descriptive title is ‘Political Analysis’.Plus,our professor is our college’s dean and a very good one!He even gave us a handful of references and we should read all those things in a short span of time.We started by reading David Easton’s A Framework for Political Analysis.Good luck to me!

The other subjects are okay.Our English 4 is all about the literature and its introduction.Biology 1 and History 3 are okay too.

Here’s the scare!…MATH 31!!!..Elementary statistics!!!I hope I can survive this one!..

We also have PE 3 (individual sports).We are to play badminton and table tennis.I’m an average player when it comes to badminton but as for table tennis I am a total dope and this what makes me uncomfortable attending my PE class!

Aside from a hectic class schedule,I’m also happy reuniting with my classmates!I miss them!


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