New Hair ^_^

26 May

Yesterday,I got my hair rebonded!


The last time I had a straight hair was way back in 2009!…And no it’s back—–but I’m not contented with the result!

So yesterday,I went to the salon at 8:30am but the rebonding started at 9am (whew!talking about Filipino time!)…Apparently the process took 5 hours!My hair has become long (waist length!) but the stylist said that he should cut my hair (in layers) to remove the split ends!….So my waist-length hair became shorter (chest length)!..Ugh!!!..I hate it! 😦

I finished at exactly 2pm in the then I had a late lunch in the mall.I went home at 5pm and I suddenly went in front of the mirror to check my hair.Sad to say the left front part of my hair got waves already!!!!

Then this morning,when I woke up,I checked my hair immediately,and now it has more waves than yesterday!The stylist said it’s just because of my sleeping positions!…whew!

I can wash my hair by Sunday!So i hope shampooing it can help straighten my hair again or else the money I spent for this will go to waste!

Here are the pictures (before and after):




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