Morning Musume Only You PV Released

25 May

Morning Musume’s pv for the single Only You has just been released by the group’s official youtube account a while ago.

Suprisingly,the mv really hooked me up since I’m not much of a Momusu fan…(well,i like them but not as much as for Berryz and Buono!) and there are really a few number of Momusu vids which I really do appreciate (like Onna ni Sachi Are,Naichau Kamu,Nanchatte Renai,etc).At first I didn’t even bother to listen to Only You’s radio rip or previews,not until one of my good friends told me how great the pv is and was just released a while ago.—-So yeah,I watched it and I got addicted to it!

Now here’s my review for the single:

Basically,the theme for this single is like ‘royalty’.As we watch the mv,we can see jewels all around which put a touch a glamor to the background.The girls are dressed in white outfits-the old members having long sleeves and skirts while the 9th gen (or Kyuukies) have sleeveless tops and shorts.The white outfits really suit the white background and made them stand out with the red background.Ai-chan really looks stunning in her blonde hair and Gaki’s hot!

Now for the line distribution,I’m half-hearted here.First,I’m quite disappointed since it’s another ReinaAi song (meaning almost all of the lines were sang by them) + a handful of lines from Riho.Others like Sayu,Aika and Gaki just got few solo lines (very few) while the other 9th gen (Erina,Kanon and Mizuki) never had one (it’s always a duet or a trio).What I’m pointing out is that they should have given equal parts to each member….The other half is that I’m happy because of the vocals!Ai-chan just proved again that she’s the leader of the group and has the most amazing voice!Reina too did stand out.As for Riho,well she has a good voice for a 12 year old kid!But for me,GAKI wins!!!Her voice (though it’s autotuned but still is strong) raised the energy of the song!…GAKI FTW!!!
I wish I can hear the others more in the next releases! (MIZUKI-CHAN,I’M ROOTING FOR YOU!)

The video is hell great!..A mix of dance shot and close ups!There were dance shot in a white background and the other one was red…For close ups there’s a shot taken from a red background,violet background and jewels.And all the members are looking great in their close ups!

The dance for me is cool!!!I love it and it really matches the beat of the song!!!!…I’m gonna learn this one when the dance shot version for this is released!

So far,my comment for this mv is ONE OF THE BEST PVs I HAD EVER SEEN!…So you guys,check it out!


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