Berryz Kobo’s ‘Ai no Dangan’ single PV Released

25 May

Berryz Kobo’s youtube account just uploaded the group’s single Ai no Dangan’s pv yesterday.

Ai no Dangan (Bullet of Love) pv was released yesterday.The concept of the mv has this sexy biker aura which made the BK girls look stunning and sexy!

They’re dressed in red fitted shiny suits which reveal their body figures as well as riding motorbikes with lots of lights to add effects.There’s also this big projector in the background which shows the close ups and dance of the girls.Somehow the pv reminds me of their single Otakebi Boy WAO!

The dance steps—-well it’s cool,but it didn’t catch my eye enough to get addicted to it.But still I will wait for the dance shot version to have a clearer view of the choreography.

I’m also happy with the line distribution since I can hear Maasa more!And I’ve got to compliment her here in this pv!…I’m so impressed with Captain’s and Momoko’s high notes near the end.Risako’s ‘Ai no Dangan’ line is soooo sexy!…So far Bk keeps on improving and they’re getting more mature-themed songs.I hope this keeps up!


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