Hey!Say!JUMP will be Releasing their 7th Single

17 May

Hey!Say!JUMP will be releasing their 7th single entitled ‘Over’.This is somewhat exciting for me since I haven’t heard any news from the group aside for the Yan Yan Jump.

Yamada Ryosuke,Chinen Yuri,Yaotome Hikaru,Nakajima Yuto and Yabu Kota performed ‘Over’ recently in a Yan Yan Jump episode.

I watched the video of that performance and somehow I got goosebumps already when the boys just started singing it!!!It’s a great song indeed and I can say JUMP didn’t fail me for the 7th time around!The moves are simple yet cool.What surprised me is Hikaru’s new hair-a combo of Nakamaru’s and Masuda’s.Well,it fits on him perfectly.I love his rap part too.

Here are also the details of the release:

For the Limited Edition:
-Over and Over Karaoke version,a dvd (the pv and the making)

For the Regular Edition:
-4 new songs [including Over,Aiing Aishiteru,You Gotta More (HS7) and Screw (HSB)] + 4 Karaoke versions of each song + a clear file jacket and a picture disc on 1st press edition.

There’s this OVER SET too in which you can avail the two editions as a set!

The release of the single will be on 6/29.

Minna,this is Jump’s 1st single this year so let’s support them by buying the original copies!I’ll be posting updates about the release soon.

Whew!Can’t wait to get my hands on my copy!


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