A Fangirl’s Depressing Moment

30 Mar

Yes,I’m a fangirl!I totally devote myself to JE artists!And I’m addicted to JE stuffs (especially Jump’s and NewS’).

An entry of mine a long time ago was posted and it’s all about the first JE things I want to purchase early of this year!So yeah ,I mentioned about the Tegomass new single and the NewS and JUMP calendars.I had successfully bought a copy of Tegomass’ new single and then I targeted NewS calendar as my next item.That time,I thought that JUMP calendar would be released in April.So I bought the NewS calendar first and I paid for it last January and I was hoping I could save up enough money for me to be able to purchase the JUMP calendar next!

But then I was wrong!The JUMP calendar was released by the end of February and then at that time I don’t even have money!I was so frustrated!I didn’t know what to do.Then after a few days of thinking,I decided not to buy a copy of the JUMP calendar. 😦

I waited for my NewS calendar.The seller whom I paid the money for the calendar said that it will be released last March.That seller is someone I barely know and it’s the first time I ordered from her shop since the price and offer are lower compared than that of my trusted shop.

Here it comes-that seller didn’t even bother to update me about the calendar and it’s already the second week of March!Supposedly,the calendar would be sent to me a week after the release!I texted that seller and that’s where she told me that her friend who lives in Japan cannot get one copy of calendar since they were all damaged because of the 03/11/11 disaster in Japan.

You guys don’t know how pissed I was when she told me that.One thing that bothers me,since there are lots of JE shops in Japan,why didn’t her friend got a copy immediately after the release and she says that the calendars were damaged because of the disaster.I was like “Hello~!The calendar was released the last day of February.You should’ve got at least one copy of it since 03/11/11 is still a few days far!Then what the heck is that lame seller doing for 10 days after the item was released?!”

I demanded for a refund of my payment and she said that there’s no certain date on when my payment will be returned to me!Oh~ Gracious!What kind of sellers are they? (PISSED OFF!HELL YOU!)
Okay,they said that the money will be refunded sometime in April and her friend will send it together with the orders of the others.Uhm,”ORDERS OF THE OTHERS?”…Yes!My money will be sent back together with the items purchased by their clients!How come they were able to buy their other clients’ orders and didn’t mind mine at all?!They should’ve at least bought since since they are buying the orders from a JE shop!

I asked my trusted seller and yes,all the calendars that were ordered are all already delivered to her clients.

After that,I told myself that from now on I will only trust one seller and that’s Ate Ace!

Ugh!So much for this long post!I just can’t stop this feeling!I’m totally angry to that seller!

I’m sad and I’m angry!!!


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