New Hairstyle!!! (The Ideal One)

29 Mar

It’s now summer and I’ll be a second year student soon.I’m thinking of having a new look next school year.I’m planning to change my hairstyle.

I have a wavy,brownish hair right now and I am TIRED of it!!!!I hate my wavy hair because it really looks messy especially for someone like me who doesn’t know how to comb her hair properly!

This is my hair now,but longer than in the picture.

This is my hair when I was in 3rd year high school…My rebonded hair!Well,my hair is naturally wavy!

Right now I’m considering Niigaki Risa’s and Takahashi Ai’s (both from Morning Musume) hairstyles.

Niigaki Risa

I don’t know who this girl is,but I’m also considering hers!

Here’s a picture of Niigaki Risa and I want her hair color!!I think it’s orange!Ohhh~!!!!I wanna color my hair so badly (though it’s a bit brownish already) but my folks won’t let me do it!


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