Just a Random Day in School!

28 Mar

It’s been a long time since I posted an entry under MomoAi it’s because I’ve been posting random entries.

Tomorrow will be the last day that I’ll go to school.I’ll pass my Psychology requirement and after that I’m off to SUMMER LAND!

But before that several random things happened to me.

First,we had to comply all of our requirements in English 2-the term paper,resume and application.
I’m the one assigned to collect all of these and I happened to read my classmate’s resume.Here’s a part of his resume:

You know,this made my irritating day happy!!!!I was in cloud 9 and I even can’t stop imagining about this!!!!

Second,I saw my classmate’s younger sister and I was,”EEHHHH~!!!!KAWAIIIIIIIIIII~!!!!”.

We also had our practices for our PE day’s mass demonstration.I was enrolled in dance.My pet dog (well,he’s a human but he’s my pet!),I played with his hair.

Here’s my pet Squiby (again,she’s a human but she’s my pet!).

To end the post,here’s a random drawing of mine!I made this on our blackboard just before our practice started!


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