Freshman Life—To END!!!!

24 Mar

Waah~!!!!I can feel it now!!!!I can feel it nowww!!!!!

There~my freshman life is about to end!Time is fast!I didn’t even notice that it’s almost summer and it means I’m gonna be a 2nd year college student soon.

When I was in 4th year high school,I thought that entering college will just bring me nothing but a boring life.I hated to think that I would leave my high school friends and share bonds with new classmates.I hate ADJUSTING really.I want to be with the people I’ve been together for so long.But entering college is a part of every student.

I entered college and at first I really had a hard time adjusting with the new people surrounding me.At first I was so hesitant to approach some of them since they have their own circle of friends.But later on,I was able to interact with them.

Entering college opened doors for me too!I was able to do things I didn’t have the chance to do when I was in high school.I joined school activities and I tried really hard to be active in every task that was given to me.

My study habits IMPROVED A BIT.Well,when I was in high school,the word STUDYING is not included in my dictionary.I really don’t study my lessons but I was able to maintain my standing as a Special Science student in our school.I guess that’s natural for me?I always rely on my stocked knowledge.Now in college,I’m starting to develop my study habit little by little—but I can say that it’s still bad.Can you imagine,I do study my lessons but only once in a blue moon (a few hours in a month perhaps).

Freshman life for me is the best.I love my classmates and I love my seniors.I love my course and university (though I’m considering to transfer school next school year).

Now it’s near to the end.I’m gonna be a 2nd year college student soon.I’m nervous.But I’m happy that I survived the first level in college…Gotta strive harder next school year! ^^


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