19 Mar

The ‘Earphone Slayer”—yep that’s me!

I am an earphone slayer because I just simply wreck and destroy my earphones UNINTENTIONALLY!…Yup-the word is UNINTENTIONALLY.

I love music so much especially that of Jpop and classic genres.I listen to them almost everyday in loud volume that I ended up having a defect in my left ear.But I can’t help but to listen to music everyday!!!!

I’m a mess!I dump my things everywhere and not returning them in their proper places.My earphones are great example!
After I listen to music,I dump my earphones everywhere causing them to malfunction whenever I use them!
I kept on buying new earphones!By the start of 2011,I bought a new earphone.After 2 weeks,it didn’t work anymore.I placed it in my bag without care.Then,it got damaged.So my father bought a new one for me!

Here a just few pics of my earphones.All are damaged (because of ME) except for the last picture.

This one's expensive---and yes,I broke it!

I'm currently using this one...This will be my FUTURE VICTIM also!!!


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