Johnnys Confirms the Safety of its Artists

13 Mar

Johnny’s net already released a letter in their website stating the JE artists’ condition.




On Friday March 11, after The 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami(Tōhoku Chihō Taiheiyō-oki Jishin) has happened, Johnny’s fans all over the world has been worried about the safety of Johnny’s talents.
The Johnny’s Family Club has already confirmed the safety of everyone.
Thank you for worrying about our artists even in an urgent situation.
We sincerely hope that people who have been effected by this disaster will be able to return back to their normal lines.

Johnny’s Family Club
From all the artists.

As what the letter states,the safety of all the artists has been confirmed.It is so true that JE fans all around the world have been worrying about their idols’ conditions (especially me who is sickly worried about Massu and Yabu).The statement released by Johnny’s is sure to help fans to be at ease.

Fans here in the Philippines were extremely worried.

Some Johnny’s talents may have their houses damaged or destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami but the important thing is they’re all safe!

I advise Massu and Yabu to evacuate and go here in my place in the Philippines for your safety!!!^^
(I am just joking.^^…But I’m hoping that they’re in good condition!!!)

Please,everyone!!Though their safety is already confirmed,please continue to pray for the artists, and for all the citizens of Japan who were greatly affected by the disaster.A single prayer is a big help already!^^


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