JE Artists’ Conditions

13 Mar

It’s been 2 days since the 3/11/11 nightmare happened.Aside from the people being hurt in the disaster,I’m also concerned on how my idols are doing right now.

For the past 2 days,I’ve been going online early in the morning until next day morning just to gather updates and information regarding on the disaster.I’ve also been worrying on the conditions of the JE artists.

I’ve gathered lots of information but I don’t think if these informations are true or from reliable sources.

Since Sendai is the part in Japan that’s most affected by the disaster,Yaotome Hikaru‘s family’s home was entirely finished by the tsunami.

There’s been a rumor that Nakajima Yuto and Arioka Daiki (Hey!Say!JUMP) have been hospitalized due to minor injuries.Yuto injured his hand.

There has been a rumor a while ago that Yabu Kota and Yamada Ryosuke (both from HSJ) have been hospitalized too.But these were just false rumors.The two are said to be safe.

So far,it was reported that all HSJ members are safe except for Yuto and Dai-chan who were hospitalized.Takaki Yuya was falsely reported to be missing,so with Chinen Yuri.Morimoto Ryutaro and his family (including his younger brother Morimoto Shintaro) were reported to be safe and were sent to hospital for some check-ups.Okamoto Keito and his family are now also in a safe condition,same with Inoo Kei.As for Hikaru,he has the worst case as what I have mentioned earlier.

Next is NewS.The first ones who were confirmed to be safe is Tegoshi Yuya and Nishikido Ryo who were I think were saved by the staffs of their dramas.Next is Yamashita Tomohisa whose house was destroyed and had a car accident.His sister confirmed that he is okay so with their family.His pet dog is currently at a vet clinic while Pi is in the hospital.It took sometime to get confirmations about the three remaining members (Masuda Takahisa,Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki).
It was reported that Masuda family’s house was destroyed by the disaster.It was then confirmed that Massu now is okay.Next confirmation of safety is Koyama Keiichiro‘s and Kato Shigeaki‘s.So now,all of the NewS members are confirmed to be safe.

KAT-TUN members are also all safe but Ueda Tasuya‘s house was damaged.

members are all safe and the rumor about Aiba Masaki‘s house caught on fire is confirmed by Johnny’s that is not true.

Both Ikuta Toma and Nakayama Yuma are also safe though Yuma had some injuries and his house is damaged.


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