Japan’s Current Situation

13 Mar

It’s updated that the military rescue force in Japan is doubled since there are still people who are trapped,isolated and waiting for assistance.

Trees,buildings,cars and boats are still piled up on the road,giving the people and the rescuers a hard time to accomplish their tasks.In the Miyagi Prefecture,almost 10,000 or more corpses were found.

New Zealand Who just had suffered from a tremendous earthquake in Christchurch also sent help to Japan.

China,South Korea and Singapore also sent dogs and rescuers to help with the operation.

Teams from Germany, Switzerland and France have also been dispatched.

More than 2 million houses in the north-eastern part of Japan have no electricity yet and there are at least 1 million households suffering from the lack of running water.

A while ago,I was watching on the television and the report about the struggling Filipinos in the affected areas in Japan was updated.It was said that there’s been a scarcity on food occurring in the affected areas and the stores ran out of food supplies.Gas stations have been closed for sometime now since they are also lacking in fuel.Filipino survivors can more likely sustain life because of the help of our country officials.
Everyone,let’s pray for their safety!


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