Cruel (?) Me

4 Mar

This is a random post since I’m really pissed off today,so please don’t mind me~! ^^

For starters,I want to introduce myself again!I’m Momo Massuyabu (not my real name) and a 17 year old college student taking up AB Political Science in a prominent university.I’m an avid fan of animes and Jpop.

Many people find me very unapproachable at first glance.Maybe it’s because of my eyes?They kinda look very sharp making me look like a mean girl.

Looks can be deceiving–that’s what others say.But in my case,my looks can give you guys already the idea of what my attitudes are.

1.) First,I’m a selfish girl.Well,it depends on who I am dealing with.When it comes to jpop fandom,the truth is I really don’t want to share my knowledge about it to some random friends.There are some who at first are very nice and when you start to cling to them,they’ll be like pests pestering you around and it gets very irritating!

2.) Second,I’m very particular when it comes to friends.I don’t mingle with people who are not considerate to others.Like shouting bad words in random in a public place using different accent.I don’t mingle with people who are like bitches flirting with guys.Well,it’s okay to flirt but there has to be a limit.

3.) Third,I easily get piss off.I’m a short-tempered girl.When someone plays a joke on me,there are only two things that may happen-it’s either I’ll laugh to that LAME joke or I’ll be glaring at you and thinking, “Shoot you!Who the hell are you?!Wanna DIE?!”.I don’t accept jokes really especially when it is something very personal.If you’re one of my best buddies,no matter how personal your joke can get,one thing’s for sure–I will not go thinking of making your life living like hell.

4.) Fourth,one of my main problems is my mouth-my very bad mouth.When I’m angry,it’s like a very normal thing or a part of my system to yell out bad things.Hmmmm…It’s not that I want it,I just can’t control myself since I always easily get carried away with my emotions.

5.)Fifth,I sometimes get so emotional that not only my mouth is getting harsh but also my actions.I tend to get super excited or super pissed off that I tend to hurt my friends PHYSICALLY like hitting them (not on the face,mostly arms).But hitting them is just 100% joke!hahaha…

6.)Sixth,I think this is the last one.I’m a FAKE friend sometimes.I can treat you as a good friend,but as soon as you really did a great job on pestering me,who knows–I might include you in my blacklist.I might as well site an example or a situation since this attitude of mine is kinda serious and I might get misunderstood by my friends viewing this blog.

—–At first we were buddies.I really do find you as someone very important to me.But then you triggered my NEGATIVE side since you shamelessly and sluggishly showed your true colors which I really detest.But the fact that you’re my friend,I’ll keep it to myself and just go on with the flow.You may still believe that I’m a 100% friend to you,but the truth is I can be your greatest enemy anytime.I may devote my friendship to you again if you’ve made up your mind that you won’t be displaying your crappy attitude.

To my readers,please don’t get me wrong.I have millions of reasons why I have those kinds of attitudes.When I show my negative side,it surely is in the right time and in a right place and with a good reason.

I still am a good girl with a normal life!Maybe in the next few days,I’m gonna post some short stories which I can say that can give enough explanation to reflect the things I have written in this entry.So please do bare with me!^^

Keep on reading!^^


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