Berryz Kobo 25th single “Heroine Ni Narou Ka” pv Released

27 Feb

Berryz Kobo’s 25th single entitled “Heroine Ni Narou Ka” pv was already released.

The song is great and is a good single to start the year for Berryz.I’m just amazed of how the pv’s theme turned out!It’s a Lady Gaga-inspired theme!We can see the girls’ close ups wearing white wigs and having facearts or something like that following Gaga’s style.I’d say this theme very much like fitted to the song’s beat.The background for the dance shot,having lights of different colors is such a good idea,giving their dance more impact.The dance steps are so cool and for sure fandance covers for this single will be invading youtube again!
As for the line distribution,I’d say it’s pretty fair this time too.Well,BK is really good when it comes to line distribution,unlike Morning Musume or C-ute.Looks like this is a Miya-Risa-Yuri single.Each member got 6 lines while Yurina has 9 (including her synthesized lines).We can get to hear Maasa,Chinami and Saki singing too!!!As for those three that I have mentioned,they are rarely given lines so this is very interesting to hear them sing!We can mostly hear the three in the chorus part!

Here comes another set of comments:

*Costumes-the costumes are outstanding and very disco-like.But I can see that Miya’s costume is much different from the others.She wears a peach-colored one piece dress and a blue blazer which is very different from the others who wore black clothes.

*This is a Yurina single (though most of the leads are from MiyaRisa).I think this is the time for Yurina (starting from Shining Power) to lead since we’ve already had enough of Risako.

*Momoko’s exposure is not much emphasized.I’m gonna get bias this time.I’m used in seeing Momoko in front.But this time,she’s placed at the back!WTH?!She’s so short and she’s at the back and in front of her are 3 tall girls!Same as with the pyramid formation!Since Momoko is the best dancer from BK (same with the Captain),I suggest she should be in front.She may not have the best voice,but with her moves and smile she can carry the group all by herself.

But over all,the single is really one of the best from H!P.It gave the girls a more matured appeal!

That’s enough for tonight!Gotta sleep! ^^


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