The First Items of the Year!

23 Feb

At last!My first JE items for this year are already on my hands!I got them just this afternoon!

First item: Myojo March 2011.

I’m kinda excited on this one since this will be the first time I purchased a magazine.At first,I really don’t have the intentions on buying this mag but then I saw NEWS pages in this issue and without any hesitations I ordered one!Plus,the cover is Hey! Say! JUMP,one of my favorite groups.

Here are just some of the pictures that caught my eye:NEKOyama!


BUTAmassu! family!

@2nd item: Aoi Bench Single

The second item is the Aoi Bench single by Tegomass!The cd cover is really impressive featuring Tegomass sitting on a blue bench.The booklet inside is a small compilation of Tegomass’ pictures for the single.The nicest part on in this single is the dvd.Its contents are the pv of the single and the making.

Comments on The Making:

The making is an interesting one since it shows clearly the scenes being shot for the video.We can see Tegomass playing around before and after the shoot.My favorite part in the making is the scene where Massu is shooting some basketball balls and playing with some kind of a miniature bicycle.

Overall the single is good and i’m encouraging Tegomass fans out there to buy a copy!

My very own copy of Aoi Bench!

I’m also encouraging everyone to buy the Myojo March issue for 2011 since it features amazing photos and articles about different groups and other celebrities! ^^


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