Economics and Manga!

4 Feb

This past few days I was really stressed because of my school works.But I’m happy to say that at last I’m done with my economics report!I did the report today!Supposed to be there would be a quiz in economics for today.Then the professor said that the group 3 reporters should do the reporting right away!I was like “BAM!”…”FOR REAL?!”….But I’m glad I finished the report and I survived!
Here’s my 3-page report:

One thing also that inspired me this past few days are the reactions of my classmates with regards to my manga.I brought the manga I made when I was in second year high school in the university and my classmates found it and started to borrow the manga.They like the manga and they told me that I should finish it (I’m referring to “Tsuyagoto Manga” which I made when I was still in 2nd year high school).I made 12 chapters of it and eventually I got tired.

It’s pretty thick right?It’s just a shame that it got dirty~!

Here are the photos of my classmates reading my manga.

So thanks to those four girls who encouraged me!Gambatte ne~! ^_^

And to end this post,I ended my day by eating this cute lollipop!


One Response to “Economics and Manga!”

  1. dedc March 8, 2011 at 10:15p03 #

    hala oi..

    nganong naa man ko diha..
    mga addict jud ba!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    taposa dane!
    momo!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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