Buono! New Single “Juicy He@rt” PV Released

4 Feb

Buono! released a new pv entitled “Juicy He@rt”.It surprised me since it’s not too long after the “Zassou no Uta” pv was released!I was really surprised by seeing the new music video since it’s the first time Buono! released 2 pvs in just a short span of time(days I should say).

The Juicy He@rt pv also is the same with Zassou no Uta.The song seems to be a combination of rock and pop.There are no dance shots in the new pv too (that kinda surprised me).

Here comes my comments regarding of the pv.The opening of the video where the girls are in a yacht really caught my eye,especially Momo who really looked cute with her lips protruding and her eyes were tantalizing!I love Miya’s straight hair and she looks like an adult and that impressed me.As usual Airi is in the center.Though I kinda predicted a bit that this time it would be Miya’s turn to be in the center (the positions of the girls seem to be circulating).Airi on the other hand really did have a good exposure in the video.

The song was recorded unison and there are no solos so that’s kinda new to me.Anyway,the blending of the voices is really smooth and good.The outfits are nice too (the outfits in the yacht and the outfits where the girls are outside a glamorous building).

Over all,the new pv is just simply amazing!The song is very addictive and the video’s well done!

I’ll post the screen caps next time!


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