Being so Random Again!

29 Jan

Uwaaah!I’m so busy this past few days that I wasn’t able to update my blog!Anyways,it’s my MomoAi 7 now!.So a lot of things happened.

It’s already almost February and I hate it that soon I’m gonna be a 2nd year college student.It makes me sick and miss the seniors who treat us freshies like babies!Well,it’s good too since I’m growing up!Another thing I’m dealing to is my Economics subject!Oh~ that subject really threatens my good record in school!I’ve never been so nervous like this in any other subjects!I’ll have just to do my best to survive this subject! :3

We also had our Political Science week a few days ago and having a film viewing of a movie that is not included in my line of interests made me drew this:

I’m pretty impressed with this drawing since I drew it out of nowhere!My mind was blank and I realized my hand took the nearest ballpen it can get and started to draw!I am sometimes like that!I’am sorry because the drawing is not that visible-the picture’s quality is low and the ballpen’s ink is green!

A week ago,a co-professor of my father gave us two cans of canned tuna flakes!They’re from Japan so I was really excited in eating it!It tasted good!

Here I am taking random photos of my classmates.

I so love taking random pictures out of the blue!I started liking taking pictures when I was still in 4th year high school!Our project was to do some artsy things and to choose from different fields-photography,painting and many more.Actually my first choice was painting and concepts for it are already in my mind but my LAZINESS attacked again so I decided to do photography instead.Actually I really had no idea of what to capture.But last October 10,2009 which was my birthday,my friends I decided to do some walking that morning since they had slept over in my house for my birthday.I’ll have to post the picture once I have found it! ^_^


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