Buono!’s 11th single “Zassou no Uta” PV Released

29 Jan

So the pv of the 11th single of Buono! entitled “Zassou no Uta” has been released though the cds are to be released this 2/02/11.The pv seems to be released earlier than expected to promote the single before the release date.

The pv is really good since we can see the ‘rocking’ side of Buono! despite of their cuteness and all of that!The girls come in outfits of two-the black ones and the mechanics outfits.Momo’s jacket had gray and black stripes on it making it contrast with Airi and Miya’s jackets which are plainly black.

The three really looks good on the shot above.The background has a band playing the instrumental parts of the song.Especially the part where the lights seemed to be like shut down and the girls were dancing and with those clapping effects really made a good impression!

The picture above where the three are doing car wash is another scene shown in the pv.This time they are dressed in mechanics outfits fixing cars and car washing.I really don’t how this scene is connected with the rock parts.But as the title’s suggests “Zassou no Uta” (The Weed’s Song) I think they’re referring to themselves as weeds (doing car washing works and etc.) or girls having simple lives with dreams of becoming big stars someday!I haven’t seen the English translated lyrics of the song though!At first I thought the song would be a mellow or ballad one but I was surprised in hearing it having those bass,guitar and drums taking into action!

And I’d hate if I forget to mention this: I love Miya’s hair!!!She looks like a doll there having her hair in puffs and pigtails!

I hope all Buono! fans can support this new single since it has been a while since the unit released a single (the last one was “Our Songs” which was released last 2/03/10).It’s almost been a year,right?So I really did cry after I watched the pv.This would also be the first single that is not affiliated with Shugo Chara series so I’m thinking that they may still continue to release songs in the future as an independent group.I also found in some websites about a rumor where Tsunku is thinking of making Buono! as a permanent unit.I hope that one’s true!If that’s true,fans like me would really be happy!

So minna,let’s continue to support Buono! and bring them to the top!!!!


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