New Year’s Fanmeet

7 Jan

This is a late post but this is something I wanna psot here since it’s one of my most treasured days!

So last January 1,2011 (the first day of the year) we had our very first fanmeet of the year!A great start for 2011 ne~!The party was held in one of the fangirl’s house!But the number of people went to the party didn’t even reached 20 so I was bit disappointed.But later on,the JE-blooded fans really got into action watching the JE countdown!I can say that that started the fun!

Here comes lunchtime~!

As you can see,we had a large serving of food even though we’re just few heads!We had Dinuguan,shrimps,Spaghetti and Lechon (I called it Massu~!).Since Lechon is a pig,I started calling him “Massu”.I even cried for it!

We had INTRO DON that afternoon too!We were divided into 4 groups with 3 members each.I got group number 2 with Claire and Rizza and I told myself “Oh boy!What will be the future of our group??” since the three of us are not so experts when it comes to other JE groups’ songs.We then named our group BAKA TEAM..(Baka means Idiot!).Good for us we guessed a couple songs mostly NewS’ and Hey!Say!JUMP’s!We also had performances after that!

Here’s Kuya Link’s picture during the performance!

I really had fun that day!So I’m really looking forward to the future fanmeets we’ll be having!I love my co-JE fans! ^^


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