2011 Fangirling Starts!

7 Jan

Last night I browsed the net to look for online shops.Then I got surprised on what I found!NewS and Hey! Say!JUMP items!Now I can say that this the signal of the beginning of my fangirling for this year!So what did I find last night?

Tegomass’ new single “AOI BENCH” will be released this February 16!The title seems kinda unpredictable like,”What is it all about???”.One thing’s for sure,Aoi Bench will be a great song and will catch the attention of the fans!The Limited Edition will have an 8-page booklet,cd for the Aoi Bench and karaoke version and a dvd for the music clip and the making while the Regular Edition will have the Aoi Bench track,the acoustic version and Sotsugyou Album.

Next is the NewS 2011-2012 calendar!I haven’t purchased any calendars yet so I’m thinking of buying one now!I don’t what it will look like inside but based from what I heard from my friends,JE calendars are worth buying for!I don’t have any details about the NewS calendar though!

Last one is Hey!Say!JUMP’s calendar 2011-2012 (another calendar!).The photos in the calendar are said to be taken in Hawaii so fangirls who wants to see JUMP’s other side should have this one!I heard the release will be on April of this year!Let’s buy ne~!

The items above are just few of the stuffs I want to buy this year!So good luck to me (and to my wallet!)…^^


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