Morning Musume’s New 9th Generation Members

6 Jan

The new Morning Musume (w/ the 9th gen members)

Yay!The new members of the 9th generation of Morning Musume has been revealed!!!They are Sayashi Riho,Ikuta Erina,Suzuki Kanon and Fukumura Mizuki!

Sayashi Riho

Ikuta Erina

Suzuki Kanon

Fukumura Mizuki

I’ve seen the videos of their auditions and I can say that the girls deserved the slots in the group.Sayashi Riho really caught my attention since she dances very well and with energy and great expressions!Ikuta Erina is cute and as well as Suzuki Kanon.I’m pretty surprised that Fukumura Mizuki is included in the line up since she’s an egg.I can see that Tsunku has seen her true abilities since she’s member of the Shugo Chara Egg as Amulet Heart.

I’m expecting to see gthe new members in the group’s next singles!


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