2010 Fangirling^^

6 Jan

Here it is!My own copy of JUMP’s newest single Arigato~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo!Wai~!…I didn’t open it though!hahaha…I don’t want it to have cracks or damages and I’ve got the dvd footage of it anyway here in my laptop!

So this post will be focusing on how my fangirling syndrome has gotten worst throughout the year!

I’ve been a fangirl for so lng but I’m new to purchasing JE goods.It started last 2009!My first ever items are the Yabu Kota reprint shop pics and some magazine clippings!After that,I didn’t know what happened to me but I started to get crazy in collecting NEWS and JUMP items and I never worried how much money I spent for these things!For this year (2011),I’m planning to expand my collection (of course!).I’ll be trying to buy magazines,calendars,concert goods and dvds since last year I’ve been focusing on collecting singles!I hope I hope I can have more stuffs for this year!

The picture of the items above are the stuffs I had purchased last 2010! ^^


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