My Tsugunaga Momoko~!

17 Dec

Tsugunaga Momoko

Okay,the girl above is my beloved idol Tsugunaga Momoko!!!Take note,I’m not a lesbian or a tomboy–I’m a 100% girl…But I can’t help it,Momo’s way too cute and I really love her!So,how did I start to love her???

I’m an anime fan since I was still a kid.During my high school years,my love for animes got stronger!I ended up collecting dvds and I happened to buy Shugo Chara anime dvd!I love the anime so much and also the opening and ending theme songs.The first opening song is Kokoro no Tamago.And so while listening to the music,Ii was captivated by some parts of the song with a super duper cute voice!I ended up researching who the singers are and I found out it is Buono!,a three-member girl group of Hello!Project.There I found Tsugunaga Momoko.After that I became a big fan of Buono! especially Momo!

Aside from being a member of a temporary group Buono!,she is also a member and one of the main vocalists of the group Berryz Kobo.

She has the cute voice that will captivate each person’s hearts.She has the flexibility to move and rock anybody’s world.I’ve been a fan of hers for almost 3 years!!!And I’ll still keep on loving her until the end!

Right now,I don’t have any items or merchandise of Momoko or any H!P groups since I’m focusing on JE.But I hope in the future,I can get one too!


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