Morning Musume’s New Graduated Members

17 Dec

I guess you guys already know this.Kamei Eri,Junjun and Linlin,members of Morning Musume just graduated from the group last December 15,2010.

Kamei Eri,a long-time member of the group,will graduate because of her skin disease.It’s important for her to take a rest.But she said,after she recovers she still wants to get back on stage and perform.

Kamei Eri

As for Junjun and Linlin,their reasons for graduating are the same.They want to go back to China and start their career all over again as solo performers.They are really from China anyway.



One of the legendary groups in Hello!Project is Morning Musume.This group is still active for how many years since they debuted.I’m not a huge fan of Momusu but I like them.At first,I really don’t understand the line up of the members.Some of their pvs have different members.When I started loving them,that’s the time I also understood how the line ups of the members flows.If a member/members graduated,an audition will be held to find new members for the group.It’s like a circulation.So this method keeps on repeating and the latest graduated members are Eri,Junjun and Linlin.

For now,there is an audition held for those girls who wanted to join Morning Musume as the 9th generation members.

I’m gonna miss the three members.Especially Linlin!!!I hope Eri gets well soon and Junjun and Linlin may be successful on their solo careers.

Here’s a picture of Morning Musume as an 8-member group.(Still with Eri,Junjun and Linlin)

Mitsui Aika,Kamei Eri,Niigaki Risa,Tanaka Reina,Michishige Sayumi,Takahashi Ai,Junjun and Linlin


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