12 Dec

The news about JUMP’s newest single leaked I suppose weeks ago.It’s Arigato~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo or Thank You~Anywhere in the World.

The first time I heard the song I was stunned by it’s tune so I’m really expecting a nice pv of it!I expect that it would be a dance pv.

Here’s a picture of the pv preview.

Here are the Limited and Regular edition single cds.

Now we’ve got a view on how the pv will turn out!Actually I just saw the pv a while ago (thanks to ate bheyn).The pv is just so awesome that I couldn’t stop watching!Both close ups and the dance shots are great!Also the special effects which give more power to the music!The pv will be released this December 15,2010 so let’s wait for it!

As for the singles,the covers are really cute!The LE contains a cd of the song and a dvd of the making and pv.The RE contains cd with 8 tracks.

Minna~let’s get a copy of the cds!

I can’t wait for my cd to arrive!


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