MomoAi #1

10 Dec

This will be my first post  here in my new blog.Actually I’ve got three more blogs and all of them are hosted by blogger.But I’m not that type of person who’s so much into this blog thingy.But having blogs is a good thing because this is where you can express the things you want like an online journal.

So I’m gonna start now.In MomoAi(MomoLove) posts I’m gonna write the happenings in my everyday life.

Just this afternoon I ditched in my Physical education class and it’s kinda frustrating.I don’t ditch in my class really.I got the guilty feeling because I ditched without a reason!I’m with my classmates who were getting ready for the reports for the next class and I took some nice pictures!

The wide field!

Caught in action!

The first pic is the wide field in our university.The view is nice and can give a refreshing feeling.That time is not so hot so the weather’s fine making the scenery more beautiful.The 2nd and 3rd pics are the pics I took for fun.They are my classmates who were very serious in memorizing their reports and I thought it would be fun to take a photo of them..

So it rained this afternoon as we proceeded to our Economics class.It’s the I class that I actually hate!I would rather not mentioning the reason why.And I also got my Economics report and it’s a pretty long one!I don’t think I can memorize it!I think I’m gonna die!!!

It's two pages long for God's sake!!!

Right now I’m struggling in my sociology project.It’s theme is SOCIAL HARMONY…Good thing I have a background on how to use the movie maker program.

Then that would be all for the MomoAi #1 post!I’ll keep this blog posted!^^


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